In 2018, the ambition was created to open a space on Baleal beach, which would bring to the guests’ table the best that is done in the sphere of Mexican gastronomy. We opted for the origins, and we moved towards bringing the best corn tortillas and, with these, serving the tastiest Tacos, made with the best ingredients according to the recipes we have been collecting over 6 months of trips carried out by the states from Quintana Roo, Mexico City, Yucatan, Michoacan and Chiapas, bringing in our luggage the memory of the typical flavors and ingredients that so well characterize our beloved Mexico.

Thus was born Cartel71, and with it the opportunity to taste Mexican cuisine without pretentiousness, but with love in every gesture in the making.

The starting point are the starters, Guacamole, Meat Nachos, Quesadilhas, Ceviche, Shrimp Aguachilli, passing by Meat Tacos, Shrimp, Fish, Vegetarian and culminating in the famous Burritos, everything goes together in a constellation of flavors making the visit to our space a unique sensorial experience.

At Cartel71, you can eat by hand, without constraints, drink beer without a glass and drink Margueritas, Tequila and Mezcal, leaving behind the indolence of the day gone and the sadness that has no place in our space.